Service Provision

Harbour Supported Living Services Ltd provides the following support and care provisions:

Support in life Skills

  • Budget planning – prioritising finances for essential items and payments
  • Support in finding suitable accommodation
  • Support in maintaining tenancy
  • Support in shopping and purchasing items
  • Meal preparation and cooking
  • Monitoring physical health & diet
  • Support in food hygiene and safe storage
  • Understanding nutrition
  • Support in tidying, cleaning and maintaining living environments
  • Support with laundry – safe use of iron, washing machine and dryer
  • Maintaining of personal hygiene to a socially acceptable level
  • Accessing other services

Support with benefits and bill payments

  • Support in gaining benefit entitlements
  • Support in claiming housing benefit
  • Support in liaising with benefit officials / advocacy
  • Support in filling out forms etc
  • Support in setting up bill payments for rent and other bills, debts etc
  • Support in opening up a bank, post office, savings account

Accessing other services, agencies and health services

  • Support in accessing training, education & employment opportunities
  • Support in accessing specialist drugs and alcohol services
  • Support in registering with GPs, Dentist, and Opticians etc
  • Support in arranging and attending appointments
  • Support in liaising with social workers, care co-ordinators and other health professionals
  • Support in appointment keeping
  • Support in liaising with benefits agencies and advocacy etc
  • Health & Safety advice
  • Support in Health & safety within the home
  • Support in security of the home
  • Support in fire safety in the home

Additional Support

  • Companionship support – somebody to spend time with and share experiences
  • Emotional Support
  • Support in time-keeping
  • Accommodation based re-housing / move on
  • Organising holidays and social / recreational events
  • Support in maintaining religious and cultural beliefs
  • Support in establishing new social networks
  • Support in liaising with relatives, friends and carers
  • Support in mediating over disputes with neighbours or other tenants
  • Distraction techniques for individuals who experience mental health issues
  • Support in pursuing interests and hobbies
  • Support in general maintenance of property / home

Personal Care

  • Support and assistance with personal hygiene (help with bathing and assist with dressing)
  • Monitoring and administration of medication
  • Support in ordering prescription and medication delivery
  • Support in weight management